28 Oct
authentication services Ottawa
Authentication Services Ottawa

When needing to use Canadian documents in a foreign country the process can be confusing and time consuming especially if one attempts to manage the process on their own.  Trying to decide how to proceed can be as complicated as not being sure whether to turn right or left.  A simple search in Ottawa will...

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28 Oct
authentication and legalization of court documents
Authentication and Legalization of Court Documents

The authentication and legalization of court documents can be tricky and it is recommended that one use an authentication and legalization service provider.  Because of this, it begs the question: are all court documents issued correctly in Canada for the purpose of being Authenticated and Legalized (Apostille) for use in a foreign country? The quickest...

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16 Sep
Canadian document authentication for Thailand
Document Authentication Legalization of Canadian Educational Documents for Use in Thailand

Our office has been repeatedly asked for our authentication legalization services.  In particular, we have seen an increased demand for assistance with the authentication and legalization of Canadian educational documents for use in Thailand.  If you are seeking a teaching position in Thailand chances are you will be required to have your Canadian educational documents,...

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01 Sep
Document Authentication at Global Affairs Canada
Global Affairs Canada

With the most recent change in Federal government leadership there came with it some changes to Federal Government Departments.  Global Affairs Canada (GAC) has replaced what had been formerly known as Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development Canada.  This office still provides the same great service except now they have a new name that...

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01 Sep
Document authentication and legalization on a budget
Document Authentication and Legalization on a Budget?

Do you need to have your Canadian documents authenticated with the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada (formerly the Department of Foreign Affairs Canada)?  Is there also a need to have your documents legalized at an Embassy or Consular Office?  If so, you might consider reaching out to an authentication and legalization service provider such as Capital...

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31 Aug
Document Attestation in Canada
Document Attestation in Canada

Document attestation / authentication and legalization of documents / apostille / apostille certificates are terms that seem to be interchangeable and are used when referring to the processing of documents for use abroad. Is there a correct term for Document Attestation of Canadian documents for use in a foreign country?  The correct term for the...

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09 Oct
power of attorney document and the UAE Embassy
Power of Attorney Documents and the UAE Embassy

Document Authentication and Legalization is required in the event that you need to use of a Power of Attorney document, for personal or business purposes, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  The authentication and legalization process if often referred to as Attestation or Apostille.  This process is straightforward but it can be confusing and time...

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09 Jul
authentication and legalization process
Power of Attorney and the Authentication and Legalization Process

Many of our clients have made inquiries about what is required in order to have a Power of Attorney Authenticated and Legalized for use abroad.  The authentication and legalization process is pretty straightforward. This process can be very frustrating and time consuming for the average individual. A Power of Attorney is a document that is...

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30 Oct
criminal records check
Criminal Records Check and the Authentication and Legalization Process

A criminal records check or police clearance letter are documents that are issued by various police detachments in Canada. These documents are issued after the name and date of birth of an individual is searched in the database of National Repository of Criminal Records. This national database is maintained by the RCMP.  One might be...

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26 Sep
Canadian document authentication
Canadian Document Authentication or Apostille – what is this?

Our office is regularly asked to assist with the process referred to as Canadian Document Authentication.  In some cases, clients use the term “Apostille”.  If you need to use your Canadian documents in a foreign country we can definitely assist with this process. What is Canadian Document Authentication? By way of a general background, Canada...

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24 Sep
Canadian Educational Documents for Authentication and Legalization
Canadian Educational Documents For Use Abroad

Are you moving abroad for the purpose of continuing your education or accepting a job?  Should this be the case, you will likely be required to provide certain Canadian educational documents. What types of Canadian Educational Documents might be required? Our office has been asked to assist with the authentication and legalization of some of the...

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28 Aug
Exporting Canadian Goods
Manufacturers Declaration and Exporting Canadian Goods

Are you a Canadian exporter that ships Goods to Foreign Countries?  If so, your office is recommended to retain the services of an Authentication Legalization Service.  Offices like ours can assist with the processing of the paperwork at Global Affairs Canada as well as at the Countries Embassy or Consular Office.  Having the correct paperwork...

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