Canadian Educational Documents For Use Abroad

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization
Canadian Educational Documents for Authentication and Legalization

Are you moving abroad for the purpose of continuing your education or accepting a job?  Should this be the case, you will likely be required to provide certain Canadian educational documents.

What types of Canadian Educational Documents might be required?

Our office has been asked to assist with the authentication and legalization of some of the following documents: High School Diplomas, Report Cards, College Diplomas, College Transcripts, University Degree’s, University Transcripts, Offers of Admission into an Educational Program.  The list is somewhat endless.  Many of these original documents can be authenticated and legalized.  Some Canadian educational documents need to be notarized.

How are Canadian Educational Documents processed for use abroad?

Before the Canadian educational documents can be used abroad they must first be stamped by the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada.  Once this has been completed the document must be presented to the consular section of the specific countries Embassy or Consulate.  The document must be stamped or legalized for use in that country.

Generally speaking, the authentication and legalization process is pretty straightforward.  Although this process can be done on one’s own it is recommended that one consider hiring an experienced third party service provider such as an authentication legalization service like Capital Authentication.

How can Capital Authentication help me with the processing of my Canadian Educational Documents?

The staff at Capital Authentication is very familiar with what is required in order to have Canadian educational documents stamped by the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada.  We are also able to assist with the legalization of your documents at a particular Embassy or Consular Office.  We offer services that are tailored to each of our clients.  We provide cost effective solutions that are geared towards saving you money as well as time when having your Canadian educational documents authenticated for use abroad.

Should you have any questions, or simply wish to obtain a free no obligation quote as it relates to our services, please feel free to reach out to our office in the format of your choosing.  We can be reached either by e-mail at: info@capitalauthentication.com or by telephone at: (613) 236-9975.  Feel free to visit us on the web at: www.capitalauthentication.com

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