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Posted by: Michael Atkinson
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Document Authentication at Global Affairs Canada

With the most recent change in Federal government leadership there came with it some changes to Federal Government Departments.  Global Affairs Canada (GAC) has replaced what had been formerly known as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development Canada.  This office still provides the same great service, except now they have a new name that reflects the Global issues with which they deal.

Within Global Affairs Canada, there is the document authentication section known as JLAC.  This office deals specifically with the authentication of Canadian documents that are intent on being used abroad.  Essentially, this office affixes a stamp on the document that deems it to be a legitimate Canadian document.  This is the first step in being able to use the document abroad.  The document in question still has to be legalized (or stamped) at a particular Embassy or Consular Office.

What astounds my company to this very day is that this service continues to remain absolutely free.

Provided that one complies with the requirements set out by Global Affairs Canada, one can mail or courier their documents to the Authentication Services Section.  Due to the extremely high volume of documents that this office receives, however, the processing time is typically fifteen (15) business days.  This does not take into consideration the transit time for the courier.

In the event that someone requires faster processing, one can readily hire a document authentication service or process server.  The services offered by the “for hire” companies are relatively the same.  The major differences tend to be the “fees for service” that are charged coupled with the knowledge base that a particular company might have.

Let the staff at Capital Authentication manage all aspects of the authentication and legalization process of your Canadian documents.

Should you have any questions about Canadian document authentication and legalization, you are encouraged to contact the helpful staff at Capital Authentication either by telephone at: 1 (613) 236-9975 or by e-mail at: