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Your trusted partner in Canadian document
apostille / authentication and legalization.

Our office provides Document Apostille / Authentication and Legalization services (often referred to as the Canadian Apostille Process) to Canadian and International Corporations, Law Firms, Professionals, Adoption Agencies, Travel Agencies, Canadian Citizens and Foreign Nationals who require Canadian documents to be used in other countries.


At Capital Authentication, we offer a variety of additional services to further assist with accomplishing our client’s authentication and legalization requests. To maximize processing turnaround times and minimize any fees/disbursements, we strongly encourage our clients to provide us with a return courier waybill and if necessary, bank draft(s) to cover any applicable Ministry of Government Services fees or consular fees. In the event that a client cannot provide us with such, our office would be happy to offer these products to you for an additional cost. Our additional services/products are included, but not limited to the below list and subsequent fees.


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