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We were applying for visas to Kazakhstan, which ended up being a fairly lengthy and Involved procedure… Capital Authentication helped us through the whole process and were very helpful. We have nothing but good things to say about them. Michael went the extra mile in making sure we got everything done correctly and quickly.

– Kent and Iris

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RCMP Criminal Records Check and Korea

Authenticating and legalizing the Canadian RCMP Criminal Records Check document for use in the People’s Republic of Korea is relatively straightforward.  Although one can manage this process on their own, it is worthwhile to consider hiring a third party to assist in the process.   In order to save time and money, one might consider hiring…

Foreign Language Document Authentication

It is not uncommon to receive requests to have foreign language document authentication to be completed at Global Affairs Canada.  The most common documents that are authenticated are in either of Canada’s official languages being English or French.  There are instances where documents are entirely in a foreign language or a combination of English and…

Canadian Educational Documents and Korea

Authenticating and legalizing Canadian educational documents for use in the People’s Republic of Korea can be confusing, time-consuming, and just plain frustrating.  To save time and money, one might consider hiring a knowledgeable third-party service provider such as a local Ottawa authentication legalization service or process server.  A service provider that specializes in this process…

Authenticating and Legalizing Canadian Documents for Use in Ukraine

In order to use Canadian documents in a foreign country they must proceed through a process known as Document Authentication and Legalization.  The document authentication and legalization process is the Canadian equivalent of an Apostille.  This process is sometimes also referred to as Attestation.  Our office is extremely familiar with the requirements for authenticating and…

Canadian Educational Documents and the Embassy of Kuwait

Canadian educational documents, as well as personal documents, must be processed in a certain way before they can be used in Kuwait.  If you are intent on seeking employment or continuing your studies in Kuwait you will be required to provide some of your personal and educational documents. Before your documents can be used in…

Embassy of the Russian Federation Canadian Document Authentication

At Capital Authentication, we regularly attend to having documents authenticated and legalized for use in foreign countries.  This process is often referred to as Apostille or Attestation.  We are also familiar with the Embassy of the Russian Federation’s requirements for Canadian document legalization.  The authentication and legalization process is pretty straightforward, but it can be…

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