15 Apr
Newspaper with tablet on wooden table
COVID-19 Update

With the continued disruption caused by Covid-19, our physical office is currently open. Our staff is working from both our downtown office and from home.  We are actively processing documents. We are taking the necessary steps to have documents authenticated with Global Affairs Canada as well as the various diplomatic missions. We are continuing to...

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12 Apr
Canadian Birth Certificate
Canadian Birth Certificate – Apostille Process

If traveling or working abroad there might be a requirement to bring with you a copy of your Canadian birth certificate.  In order for this document to be acceptable in a foreign country it must proceed through the Canada Apostille process.  This process is more commonly known as document authentication and legalization. What is the...

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08 Apr
marriage certificate document authentication legalization
Marriage Certificate Document Authentication Legalization

If you are intent upon moving abroad to work or live, there are many instances where you might be required to have your marriage certificate document recognized.  The Canadian Apostille process would require that the document proceed through a system that is referred to as authentication and legalization.  The document is first be authenticated by...

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07 Apr
Apostille Cost in Canada
How much does an apostille cost in Canada?

At Capital Authentication we specialize in the authentication and legalization of Canadian documents for use in foreign countries.  This process is also referred to as the Canadian Apostille process or simply Apostille.  Our office is regularly asked “How much does an Apostille cost in Canada”.  We are also asked if we can arrange for a...

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06 Apr
Ontario Divorce Documents
Ontario Divorce Documents – The Apostille Process

One of the many documents that we have authenticated and legalized for use abroad are Ontario divorce documents. As a specialist in the Canadian Apostille process, we are familiar with what is required in order to obtain replacement Ontario divorce documents from a particular Ontario court. How can I obtain a copy of my Ontario...

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01 Apr
Canadian Document Authentication Process
Who can apostille documents in Canada

For anyone needing to apostille documents in Canada for use in a foreign country – they may be required to have them processed through a system that is referred to as Authentication and Legalization.  This is also known as the Canadian Apostille process.  We are often asked the question “who can apostille documents in Canada”...

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31 Mar
authentication legalization services
Global Affairs – Authentication Legalization Services

Global Affairs Canada is Federal Government Department located in Ottawa, Ontario CANADA.  One of the offices within Global Affairs Canada is the authentication legalization services offered in the document authentication section (JLAC).  This office deals with the authentication of Canadian documents for use in foreign countries.  Document authentication is the Canadian equivalent to an Apostille...

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28 Mar
How Do I Authenticate a Document in Canada

The majority of Canadian documents that are intent upon being used in a foreign country must first be stamped by the Authentication section of Global Affairs Canada.  The authentication section of Global Affairs Canada is located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.    The authentication process if quite straightforward and it can be done by couriering or...

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28 Jan
authentication legalization services
All Authentication Legalization Services are the same

Are all Authentication Legalization Services the same? Over the past few decades, there has been an increased need for individuals and companies to have Canadian documents authenticated at Global Affairs Canada and then legalized by a diplomatic mission for use in a specific country. In order to speed up the processing of documents, there has...

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21 Jan
authentication and legalization of Canadian commercial documents
Authentication and Legalization of Canadian Commercial Documents

As an exporter of Canadian goods to foreign countries one is typically required to complete the authentication and legalization of Canadian commercial documents.  This process requires that some of the commercial documents be stamped by Global Affairs Canada as well as the diplomatic mission for the country that the goods are destined.  This stamping process is...

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20 Jan
Global Affairs Canada Authentication of Documents

Global Affairs Canada authentication of documents is a service that is offered free of charge and one could process their documents on their own.  There are some limitations that must be considered when contemplating sending documents directly to Global Affairs Canada.  Realistically, one might wish to consider hiring a third party authentication legalization service or...

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15 Jan
Canadian Document Authentication and the Peoples Republic of China

Canadian document authentication and the Peoples Republic of China can be confusing, time consuming and just plain frustrating.  It is recommended that one considering hiring a knowledgeable third party service provider such as a local Ottawa authentication legalization service or process server to assist with the processing of the documentation. The Peoples Republic of China...

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