Global Affairs Canada Authentication of Documents

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization

Global Affairs Canada authentication of documents is a service that is offered free of charge and one could process their documents on their own.  There are some limitations that must be considered when contemplating sending documents directly to Global Affairs Canada.  Realistically, one might wish to consider hiring a third party authentication legalization service or process server to assist with this process.

What is required if one wants to send documents directly to Global Affairs Canada?

Generally speaking, one can courier and/or mail their documents directly to the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada.  In the event that one wants to forward their Canadian documents directly to Global Affairs Canada there is a Request for Authentication Service form that must be included.  Unfortunately, there is no reliable mechanism to follow up on the status of your documents once received by Global Affairs Canada.  It typically takes about fifteen business days for the documents to be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada.  This also does not take into account the time required to direct the documents back to you.  In the event that the documents are not suitable for authentication because they are not prepared correctly or are incomplete they will simply be returned to you.  The failure to have documents authenticated can result in increased delays coupled with additional costs depending upon circumstances.

What are the main benefits to hiring a third party authentication legalization service to assist with the processing of documents?

The main benefit of retaining an authentication legalization service or process server is their expertise and knowledge about what can and cannot be authenticated at Global Affairs Canada. A reputable authentication and legalization service will be able to advise if original documents can be authenticated or whether notarization may be necessary.  This specialized knowledge is important as it will help to eliminate processing delays.  The other benefit is a time savings.  If documents are couriered directly to the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada the processing time is typically fifteen business days.  An authentication legalization service or process server will attend at Global Affairs in person and arrange to have the documents processed while you wait.  As a result, documents can be authenticated in as little as one day.

How can Capital Authentication assist me with Global Affairs Canada Authentication of Documents?

At Capital Authentication we specialize in the authentication and legalization of Canadian documents for use abroad.  Our knowledge base will assist in the preparation of your documents. We will ensure that your documents are suitable for authentication.  Our office also offers different processing options depending upon the degree of urgency that your documents must be processed.  When considering our fees, we take a very unique approach to the processing of documents.  Our office utilizes the completion time method.    This is a very client centered approach which takes into account the total time required to complete the authentication with Global Affairs Canada and the legalization at an Embassy or Consular Office.  Because of this unique approach we will advise our clients on the expected time required to complete their documents.  Our approach translates into a cost savings for our clients.  While the documents are being processed we also provides constant updates as to the status of your documents.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us either by e-mail at: info@capitalauthentication.com or by telephone at: 613-236-9975.  Feel free to visit us on the web at: www.capitalauthentication.com.

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