Document Authentication & Legalization Service

This is the typical service that is provided by our office whereby our office will attend on your behalf at either Global Affairs Canada or at Ministry of Government Services (when applicable) to have your documents authenticated, followed by our attendance(s) at the necessary Embassy/Consulate to have your documents legalized.

Depending on your processing requirements, Capital Authentication is able to offer three (3) methods of implementation in order to complete all of your authentication with legalization requests. As each country enforces their own unique provisions, please be sure to confirm the jurisdictional provisions with your consulate office prior to sending us your documents.

Available Services

Standard Service


total price for up to 5 documents

+ $20

for each additional Document

Documents We Process

We can authenticate and legalize most types of documents. If you are unsure if your document can be authenticated or legalized, please contact us and we can help. You can also browse our most requested documents and get answers to frequently asked questions on legalization and authentication of those documents.

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