Canadians Retiring to Ecuador

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization
Canadians retiring to Ecuador

In the past few years, our office has seen an increase in the number of Canadians retiring to Ecuador along with other South American destinations.  As part of the relocation process, there is typically a need to have certain Canadian documents proceed through a process that is called Document Authentication and Legalization.  Our office has specialized in offering expert assistance in helping Canadians to navigate this process.

What are some of the commonly required documents required for Canadians retiring to Ecuador?

Our office has processed a number of different Canadian documents which are intended to be used in Ecuador.  Some of these documents include:

If you are working with a consultant or lawyer in Ecuador, it is recommended that you obtain the exact documents that you require.  Depending upon your specific situation they should be able to guide you in terms of what documentation they require.

How can I find information on the authentication of documents process with Global Affairs Canada?

The authentication section of Global Affairs Canada has a detailed website.  It is quite informative provided that one spends their time navigating the various pages. If you have specific questions and would feel more comfortable reaching out to an expert in this field, feel free to reach out to our staff.   We can discuss your documents along with the requirements and overall timeline.

Where can I find general information about the legalization requirements for Ecuador?

For general information about Ecuador, please visit the website for the Embassy of Ecuador. The consular staff at the Embassy of Ecuador are helpful as they are quite responsive to telephone calls or e-mail inquiries.

How Can Capital Authentication help me with the authentication and legalization process?

The staff at Capital Authentication will provide you with accurate information as it relates to the requirements of the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada.  We will also confirm that your documents will meet the legalization criteria with the Embassy of Ecuador.  We will provide you with an expected timeline to have the documents authenticated and legalized.

Our office would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs, provide you with processing timelines as well as the overall costing.   If you have questions relating to the authentication and legalization process, reach out to us either by e-mail at or by telephone  (613) 236-9975.