11 Feb
Studying TEFL Exam
Authentication and TESL, TEFL or TESOL teaching certificates

Are you seeking to go overseas to teach English as a second language?  It can be a fun and rewarding experience but there is lots of work that needs to be done before leaving Canada. One typically has to have their TESL, TEFL or TESOL teaching certificates authenticated by Global Affairs Canada and then legalized...

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27 Jan
Vital Statistics Certificates

Our clients regularly need to use certain official Canadian documents in a specific foreign country.  Many of these documents, vital statistics certificates, can be obtained through the relevant Provincial Government offices. How can Vital Statistics Certificates be ordered? Many vital statistics certificates, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates can be ordered online through...

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10 Jan
Hour Glass - Sands of Time
The “Completion Time” Method

As a knowledgeable authentication and legalization (Apostille Canada) service provider, our office takes a very unique approach when processing documents at Global Affairs Canada and the various diplomatic missions. The “completion time” method is a system that we devised and is employed when determining the possible fees to charge each individual customer.  This method differs...

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17 Dec
Authentication and Legalization of Court Documents

The authentication and legalization of court documents can be tricky and it is recommended that one use an authentication and legalization service provider.  Because of this, it begs the question: are all court documents issued correctly in Canada for the purpose of being Authenticated and Legalized (Apostille) for use in a foreign country? The quickest...

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14 Dec
Intellectual Property Documents and the Canadian Document Authentication and Legalization Process

There are many Canadian corporate documents that are being used internationally.  Some of these documents include, but are not limited to, articles of incorporation, international corporate agreements, trade-mark, patent documents etc.  In the event that these documents are intent upon being used abroad these documents typically need to proceed through a process that it is...

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14 Oct
Document Authentication and Legalization Services

For those who are in need of having Canadian documents authenticated by Global Affairs Canada and legalized at a particular diplomatic mission you have come to the right place.  Capital Authentication offers document authentication and legalization services for your Canadian documents.  We offer cost effective solutions that are tailor made to your specific requirements. Do...

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09 Oct
Power of Attorney Documents and the UAE Embassy

Document Authentication and Legalization is required in the event that you need to use of a Power of Attorney document, for personal or business purposes, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  The authentication and legalization process if often referred to as Attestation or Apostille.  This process is straightforward but it can be confusing and time...

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21 Sep
The Canadian Document Authentication Process

At Capital Authentication, we are a well versed, respected and knowledgeable service provider in the Canadian Document Authentication and Legalization space. As a respected service provider, we can assist you in saving you four to six weeks of processing time by sending us your documents and having us attend at Global Affairs Canada on your...

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09 Jul
Power of Attorney and the Authentication and Legalization Process

Many of our clients have made inquiries about what is required in order to have a Power of Attorney Authenticated and Legalized for use abroad. A Power of Attorney is a document that is drafted typically by a lawyer. In order to have this document used abroad, the document must first be notarized by a...

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13 Dec
Consular jurisdiction and the diplomatic mission of the United Arab Emirates

The diplomatic mission of the United Arab Emirates in Canada has opened a Consular Office in Toronto. The resulting effect means that one has to confirm whether the UAE Embassy in Ottawa or the Consular Office in Toronto holds jurisdiction over your Canadian documents. At Capital Authentication we have offices in both Ottawa and Toronto....

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30 Oct
Criminal Records Checks and the Authentication and Legalization Process

A criminal records check or police clearance letter are documents that are issued by a police detachment in Canada. These documents are issued after the name and date of birth of an individual is searched in the database of National Repository of Criminal Records. This national database is maintained by the RCMP. In addition to...

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26 Sep
Canadian Document Authentication or Apostille – what is this?

Our office is regularly asked to assist with the process referred to as Document Authentication and Legalization of Canadian documents.  In some cases, clients use the term “Apostille”. By way of a general background, Canada was not a signatory under the Hague Convention as it relates to the Apostille of documents. Under the Hague Convention,...

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