How much does an apostille cost in Canada?

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
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Apostille Cost in Canada

At Capital Authentication we specialize in the authentication and legalization of Canadian documents for use in foreign countries. This process is also referred to as the Canadian Apostille process or simply Apostille. Our office is regularly asked “How much does an Apostille cost in Canada”. We are also asked if we can arrange for a document to obtain an Apostille stamp.

Apostille / Authentication and Legalization?

As Canada was not a signatory to the Apostille Treaty, the Canadian documents must proceed through a two-step process of authentication and legalization.

The first step is the Authentication of the Canadian document at the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada.

The second step of the process is to have the documents legalized by the specific Embassy or Consular Office.

The authentication and legalization of Canadian documents effectively accomplishes the same thing as the Apostille stamp. Hence, the phrase that has been commonly coined as the Canadian Apostille process.

What is the Apostille cost in Canada?

The authentication section of Global Affairs Canada does not charge a fee to affix their stamp to Canadian documents. This service is provided free of charge and it can be done either “in person” or by couriering/mailing documents directly to their office.

Are there any other possible or associated costs?

In order to have a document legalized by a specific countries Embassy or Consular Office, each diplomatic mission has their own set of fees.  These fees can vary from no cost to hundreds of dollars per document.

It is recommended that one consults the Embassy or Consular Office in question in order to determine the potential costs associated with their documents.

Should you have any question, feel free to reach out to our office as we maintain a database of legalization fees for the various Embassies or Consulates.

Courier fees: Documents must be shipped to Ottawa as the vast majority of the authentication and legalization work is done here. The cost of couriers can vary from $25.00 and up depending upon where they are being shipped from. One also has to take into consideration the cost of the return courier. At Capital Authentication we offer discounted return couriers going to international destinations.

Notary Services:  There are some instances where documents may need to be notarized by a Canadian notary before they can be authenticated. The cost of a notary can vary between $25.00 to $50.00. Discounts may be offered in the event that a number of documents are being notarized at the same time.

Certified True Copies: These are similar to notarial services and the costing should be similar also. In many cases, one can use a certified true copy of a document as opposed to using the original.

Bank Money Orders: The majority of Embassies and Consular offices require payment in the form of a money order in either Canadian, US or Euros. Our office will happily arrange to procure the necessary money order. We charge a fee of $16.95 and that is inclusive of bank fees and H.S.T. This is one of the many conveniences that we provide our clients.

Translation of Documents: Some clients ask for their document(s) to be translated before they are authenticated and legalized. Other clients have documents that are in a dual language of English/French and another language. In these cases, translation by a certified translator might be required. The fees charged to translate a document can vary depending upon the length of the document and complexity.  At Capital Authentication we have gathered a growing list of translators that can assist with this process.

The staff at Capital Authentication would welcome the opportunity to assist you with the authentication and legalization of your documents.  We would welcome the possibility of determining the Apostille Cost in Canada.

Our office operates very differently from our competitors in this space.  We employ a unique method that has been devised by our office and it is referred to as the “Completion Time” method.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our in the format of your choosing by e-mail at: or by telephone: 613-236-9975.