Canadian Document Authentication and the Peoples Republic of China

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization

Canadian document authentication and the Peoples Republic of China can be confusing, time consuming and just plain frustrating.  It is recommended that one considering hiring a knowledgeable third party service provider such as a local Ottawa authentication legalization service or process server to assist with the processing of the documentation.

The Peoples Republic of China adheres to strict consular jurisdiction and depending upon where one resides within Canada coupled with the origin of the documents can dictate whether one has access to the Embassy of China, in Ottawa or one of the Consular Offices located in different parts of Canada.

To make this process more difficult, the documents required for legalization must be presented “in person”. The Chinese Embassy or its Consular Offices will not accept any documents that are directed to them either by mail or by courier. To compound the problem, the diplomatic mission of China will not even accept documents that are sent directly to them by Global Affairs Canada.

For information about the Chinese Embassy, consular jurisdiction, please visit the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China.  Because of the processing requirements, people tend to rely on the services offered by authentication legalization services such as Capital Authentication. By using an authentication legalization service, one has the benefit of having a service provider that is very familiar with the authentication and legalization process and can assist with the preparation of the necessary paperwork while confirming that the documents are correct for processing.

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