Ontario Divorce Documents – The Apostille Process

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
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Ontario Divorce Documents

One of the many divorce files and documents that we have authenticated and legalized for use abroad are the Ontario divorce certificate and other court documents. As a specialist in the Canadian Apostille process, we are familiar with what is required in order to obtain replacement Ontario divorce documents from a particular Ontario courthouse.

The first step to obtaining a copy of your Ontario divorce certificate and other court documents

If you have the court file number and the location of the court, that is a great start, especially if you require to replace your Ontario divorce records.

Depending upon the year that the court divorce application was commenced, one might be able to arrange through the same court to reproduce the Ontario divorce records.  Attached is the link to the various court offices across Ontario.

In the event that both you or your former spouse do not know the court file number, or court location where the application was commenced, one could contact the Central Divorce Registry at: 613-957-4519.

This office is the central depository for information relating to divorces that have been commenced across Canada.  While one could call, they will only provide extremely limited information, such as a court file number and court location.  This information is all that is required in order to start the divorce process of obtaining copies of your Ontario divorce records.

Obtain Ontario divorce documents on my own or use an agent?

This is an interesting question that simply boils down to a few factors – timeline, cost and knowledge base.  While anyone could obtain the Ontario divorce documents on their own it is likely not the most sensible way to proceed.  It can be difficult to reach anyone at the particular court office by telephone.

Does the file need to be recalled from storage? If so, at what cost and what is the anticipated timeline?  Are there any other unknowns that could result in a possible delay?   How do these possible delays impact on what I need to do in terms of the Canadian Apostille Process (aka legal document authentication and legalization).

Given these questions, Capital Authentication would always recommend retaining an agent to assist in obtaining one’s Ontario divorce documents.

Our office works closely with our sister company, MCA Process Service. Our sister company is extremely well versed with all of the various Ontario courts and court officials in Ontario. The staff at MCA Process Service are able to offer an honest timeline in terms of how quickly the documents could be obtained and at what cost.

Also, they can provide an honest costing in terms of the anticipated disbursements, if any. Given the complexity of the situation, we would not recommend communicating with the court by mail.  While both of our offices appreciate the possibility of a cost savings it would be minimal when compared to the delays.

Through Capital Authentication or our associated office of MCA Process Service, we can easily identify the divorce process timeline, and associated costs as well as address any problems that might have an impact on obtaining the Ontario divorce documents timely.

How To Obtain Your Ontario Divorce Order or Certificate of Divorce?

Once you have the basic information required to efficiently obtain these divorce records, our offices would be pleased to offer our assistance for both a divorce certificate and a divorce order.

The Minister of Finance fee to obtain a certified true copy of the Divorce Order, also referred to as the Divorce Decree Nisi, is $3.50 per page.

If you require a Certificate of Divorce, the fee the Minister of Finance fee, is $24.00.  Our offices are well versed in the requirements to obtain the Ontario divorce documents.

Can Capital Authentication obtain my Ontario divorce documents for me?

Our office can easily arrange to have your Ontario divorce documents, or any court documents for that matter, obtained on your behalf.  Our office works very closely with our sister company, MCA Process Service.

Together, we have developed the contacts necessary in each court region.  As such, we can arrange to have these documents obtained quickly and cost effectively.  We are very familiar with what is required, what might cause a delay, while offering solutions that will help remove your stress in dealing with the overall divorce proceedings.

Ontario Divorce documents and the Canadian Apostille Process

In the event that the Ontario divorce files need to be used in a foreign country, we can assist with that also.  At Capital Authentication we can easily arrange for the documents to be authenticated at Global Affairs Canada and then legalized by the particular Embassy or Consular Office.

This process in Canada is known as authentication and legalization.  It is also referred to as the Canadian Apostille process.  At Capital Authentication we can provide the guidance necessary to ensure that your documents are obtained correctly while being authenticated and legalized efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

Feel feel to reach out to our office in the format of your choosing either by e-mail at: info@capitalauthentication.com or by telephone: 613-236-9975.  We would be happy to discuss your unique situation.