Expat Canadian Document Authentication

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization
expat canadian document authentication

A for anyone living abroad, there can be a need to provide Canadian documents to entities in a foreign country.  The need for Expat Canadian document authentication can be anything from vital statistics documents such as birth or marriage certificates to pension letters to educational credentials. The documentation must first proceed through the Canadian Apostille process, also known as document authentication and legalization, or simply Apostille. Our office has been helping Expat Canadians with their authentication and legalization requirements.

What is Expat Canadian document authentication and legalization?

Document authentication and legalization is a two-step process that essentially has stamps or seals affixed to the documents deeming them to be legitimate documents for use in a specific country.  The first step in this process is to have the documentation submitted for authentication with Global Affairs Canada.  While they offer a mail-in service, one should consider hiring a third party authentication legalization service or process server to assist with this step.  By retaining a third party document authentication service, the documents will get processed much faster.  The second step in the process is to have the documents submitted to an Embassy or Consular Office for legalization.  Again, this is the affixing of a stamp or seal on the documentation, deeming them to be legitimate documents for use in that specific country.

What should you consider for Expat Canadian document authentication?

You must consult the party who is asking for the documents.  Before setting out to have the documentation processed, make sure that you understand what documentation is required.  Once you have an understanding of what is needed, you can then reach out to an authentication legalization service for assistance.  The third-party authentication legalization service provider should be in Ottawa, Ontario. Global Affairs Canada is located in Ottawa, as are the majority of the Embassies, so it makes sense for the service provider to operate here.  If one retains an agent that does not have an office in the City of Ottawa, expect higher fees. In Ottawa, several excellent companies offer Canadian document authentication services.  Before selecting a company, we would recommend conducting some due diligence. It is important to discuss fees to be charged by the service provider, their knowledge of the processing required, can they assist in obtaining replacement documents, and the timeline necessary to get the documents authenticated and legalized.  At Capital Authentication, we have found that the competitor fees are more expensive than they need to be.

For Expat Canadian document authentication – learn about the Capital Authentication advantage.

At Capital Authentication, we approach the Expat Canadian document authentication a little differently than our competitors.  We have developed a process that we refer to as The Completion Time Method.  We determine the timeline that a customer has. We also consider the total time required to complete the authentication and legalization process coupled with the return courier timescale.  Our office can suggest a processing option that best suits their unique requirements. Typically our approach means that a client is not taking our fastest processing option.  As an added advantage, the fees charged by our office are already significantly cheaper than all of our known local competitor models.

At Capital Authentication, we are undoubtedly familiar with the need for Expat Canadian document authentication.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements while offering cost-effective solutions.  We can by telephone at 1-613-236-9975.