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Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization
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The United Arab Emirates Embassy is located in Ottawa, Ontario.   As a result, Capital Authentication can have your Canadian documents authenticated (Apostille) at Global Affairs Canada. After that, the documents were submitted to the UAE Embassy for legalization. Capital Authentication has been working with this Embassy and Consulate extensively and has in-depth experience with the legalization process.

Can I authenticate and legalize documents on my own?

The process of authenticating and legalizing documents is generally straightforward. Provided that you comply with the requirements as defined by the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada, you could courier or mail the documents directly to their office.

Global Affairs identifies that its service standard is ten business days. In our experience, it is generally longer for them to process documents that arrive by courier or mail.  Once authenticated, and at your request, Global Affairs can direct the documents to the United Arab Emirates Embassy.

There are a few things to consider before attempting to complete the Canadian authentication and legalization process on your own. For example, the United Arab Emirates Embassy has an online payment system that can be tricky to navigate.  Depending upon where the documents originate one might have to deal with either the UAE Embassy, in Ottawa, or the UAE Consulate, in Toronto.

Also, they are no longer as efficient as they once were.  Given the inefficiency, we do not let our clients pay for faster processing from our office as the high fees are not justified.  This will be explained in greater detail below.

What are some of the issues that could arise if I attempt to process the documents on my own?

Several potential problems could arise if one attempts to process the documents on their own.  The first issue is time.  If you do not have any sort of timeline, then this should not be an issue.  Our clients typically have a definite schedule.  Given that it will take a minimum of two weeks for Global Affairs to complete the authentication process, one will lose some valuable time.

This also does not take into consideration the time that might be required by the United Arab Emirates Embassy to complete the legalization process.  Provided that one has longer than a month, one could theoretically complete this on their own, but it is still not recommended.  Another possible issue is incomplete documentation.

If the documents are incomplete or are not suitable for authentication, they will simply be returned by the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada.  Delays with the authentication process will have an impact on timing and additional cost.  Correspondingly, if the documents are not complete, the UAE Embassy may refuse to process the documents and return them.

Even the United Arab Emirates Embassy, in Ottawa, has procedures that must be followed when having documents legalized.  Although already noted above, the issue of additional cost has to be considered.

If the documentation is incomplete, it will be returned either by a prepaid courier or a self-addressed stamped envelope.  It would be worthwhile to consider using an experienced authentication legalization service or process server to assist with the Canadian Apostille process. An experienced service provider will assist in eliminating delays and additional costs.

The authentication section of Global Affairs Canada even recommends that one consider utilizing an authentication legalization service or process server.

Are all authentication legalization services or process servers the same?

Generally speaking, third-party authentication and legalization service providers are similar in terms of expertise and knowledge.  It does come down to how often a company attends at an Embassy or Consulate and is familiar with what is required.  We have also found that competitors charge two separate fees.  There is generally a charge to authenticate documents.

There is also a separate charge to submit documents for legalization.  The competitor fees are all very similar in terms of price point with some slight variation.  It seems odd to us at Capital Authentication as to why the fees are similar and expensive.

We believe that combining the fees together while offering a different approach is better for the client.  With specific reference to the United Arab Emirates Embassy, in Ottawa, our clients are only allowed to take our 7 or 10-day processing options.  The possible fees charged by Capital Authentication for one document are either $75.00 or $50.00 respectively.

Click on the link to see our combined fees for authentication and legalization. It is not that we do not want to complete the processing faster.  The Embassy will take three to five business days to complete the legalization.  There is a definite advantage in using Capital Authentication when authenticating and legalizing your documents.

What is the Capital Authentication advantage?

At Capital Authentication, we have taken the time to clearly post our fees on our website.  As we believe in being fully transparent, this was very important for our office.  When suggesting a fee package, we take into consideration the total time that is required to complete the authentication with Global Affairs Canada.

Also, we confirm the amount of time that it is expected to take to complete the legalization process.  We have devised a process that we refer to as “The Completion Time Method.”   Our approach dramatically differs from our local competitors.  We feel that our approach is more client-focused in terms of possible fees.  As an experienced authentication and legalization service, we happily explain the possible service options to our clients.  Interestingly enough, the majority of our clients are paying $75.00 to $50.00 total, before tax for our services.

By doing some necessary due diligence in terms of what competitors charge, one will quickly see the significant price difference. If authentication and legalization services have similar expertise, why should one consider paying such high fees?

If you have questions about the authentication and legalization process, possibly the United Arab Emirates Embassy, you are encouraged to reach out to our office.  We can be reached by e-mail at info@capitalauthentication.com  or by telephone at 1-613-236-9975.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique situation while offering cost-effective solutions.