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Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization

Retaining an authentication and legalization service should be considered when Canadian documents need to be stamped for use abroad.  The benefits of retaining an experienced authentication and legalization service cannot be understated.  Avoid added stress, processing delays and added costs by utilizing a cost effective specialist in the field of Canadian document authentication and leglization.

What is Document Authentication and Legalization?

Authentication and legalization is a two step process that is required when Canadian documents are to be used in a foreign country.  The first step in this process requires that the document obtain a stamp from the document authentication section of Global Affairs Canada.  The affixing of the authentication stamp deems the document to be a legitimate Canadian document.  The second step in this process is called legalization.  The process of legalization requires the document to be stamped by the specific diplomatic mission for the country where the document is intent upon being used.  The authentication and legalization process is occasionally referred to as Apostille or Attestation.

Can one manage the authentication and legalization process on their own?

An individual is theoretically able to manage the authentication and legalization process on their own.  However, there are a few evident limitations which should discourage this course of action.  The first limitation is time.  Although one can courier or mail their documents directly to Global Affairs Canada, it takes a significant amount of time for them to process the documents.  On average it takes four to six weeks for documents to be processed.  Another limitation are incomplete documents.  If the documents are not correct or presented improperly they will not be processed and will be returned to you.  The end result are delays, frustration and increased costs.  Why try to make the puzzle pieces fit on your own?

What are the benefits of retaining an authentication and legalization service?  

There are some pretty significant benefits to using an experienced authentication and legalization service to assist with the processing of documents for use abroad.  For example, our office takes the time to review your documents to ensure accuracy and completeness. We will confirm that the documents meet the specific requirements as set out by Global Affairs Canada and the specific diplomatic mission.  The documents are taken by hand to Global Affairs Canada.   Because of this, the documents are processed while you wait and they can be authenticated in as little as one day.  The most important benefit to using our company is that we offer four different processing options depending upon the degree of urgency.  We suggest a processing package that is geared towards an individuals unique timeline and not simply the speed that documents can be processed. Our experienced staff who specialize in the authentication and legalization service will help to make the puzzle pieces fit and have your documents properly processed.

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