Document Authentication Legalization of Canadian Educational Documents for Use in Thailand

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization
Canadian document authentication for Thailand

Our office has been repeatedly asked for our authentication legalization services.  In particular, we have seen an increased demand for assistance with the authentication and legalization of Canadian educational documents for use in Thailand.  If you are seeking a teaching position in Thailand chances are you will be required to have your Canadian educational documents, such as a degree, diploma, teaching certificates, authenticated by Global Affairs Canada and then legalized by the Embassy of Thailand.  Canadian document authentication for Thailand is our specialty and we can save you time and money.

Why spend more money than you need to in order to receive Canadian document authentication for Thailand?

The authentication and legalization process can be time consuming and confusing for the average individual.  Should the documents be incomplete it could result in the documents not being processed and the delay could result increased costs.  Global Affairs Canada notes some of the reasons why documents could be declined. Although this process can be managed on one’s own, it is recommended that one consider hiring a third party service provider.  There are a number of different third party services providers offering a fee for service.  It is recommended that one conduct some basic due diligence and consult a number of different companies before retaining an authentication legalization service.  At Capital Authentication we take a very unique approach when assisting our clients with the authentication and legalization of their Canadian documents.   We have coined a method that we refer to as the “completion time method“.  For more information on this method click on the link.  Essentially, it is our belief that assisting a client with their documents should not cost them a lot of money.  We offer different processing options that are tailored to their individual needs and is based upon their timeline as well as the length of time that an Embassy might take to complete the legalization process.  When faster process is not available we inform our clients.

If you have questions or would simply like a free no obligation quote, you are invited to reach out to our office by e-mail at: info@capitalauthentication.com  or by telephone at: 613-236-9975.  For more information visit us on the web at: www.capitalauthentication.com


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