Authentication and Legalization of Court Documents

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization
authentication and legalization of court documents

The authentication and legalization of court documents can be tricky and it is recommended that one use an authentication and legalization service provider.  Because of this, it begs the question: are all court documents issued correctly in Canada for the purpose of being Authenticated and Legalized (Apostille) for use in a foreign country?

The quickest and simplest answer is a resounding “NO“.

Generally speaking, court documents are issued correctly as they pertain to the specific court rules in the jurisdiction in which they are issued. However, the court document(s) in question might require some additional steps before they are suitable for authentication with Global Affairs Canada and then legalized by the particular diplomatic mission.  The authentication and legalization process is often referred to a Apostille.

At Capital Authentication, we are very familiar with the requirements of the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada as well as the various diplomatic missions. Our helpful staff will guide you through the authentication and legalization process (Apostille Canada). As an added bonus, given our years of experience and our contacts within the legal industry, we are capable of efficiently obtaining court documents from each and every court across Canada.  Any documents that might need to be obtained from the various courts across Canada is done through our associate company, MCA Process Service.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique requirements as it pertains to the authentication and legalization of court documents. We are confident that a cost effective and efficient solution can be offered should there be a need to obtain court documents directly from a particular court office in Canada.

Should you have any questions about obtaining Canadian court documents or the authentication and legalization process you are encouraged to reach out to our office in the format of your choosing. We are reachable by e-mail at:, telephone at: (613) 236-9975 or visit us on the web at: