Foreign Language Document Authentication

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization
Foreign language document authentication

It is not uncommon to receive requests to have foreign language document authentication to be completed at Global Affairs Canada.  The most common documents that are authenticated are in either of Canada’s official languages being English or French.  There are instances where documents are entirely in a foreign language or a combination of English and another language.  There are a few extra steps that may need to be taken before Foreign Language Document Authentication can be accommodated.

How can I complete Foreign Language Document Authentication so documents can be used abroad?

If a Canadian notary is fluent in both languages they can note that under their signature and seal.  If however, the notary is not fluent in both languages, then a certified translation might be necessary. The authentication section of Global Affairs Canada sets out when translation may be necessary. If you require Foreign Language Documents to be authenticated, it is strongly recommended that you reach out to a knowledgeable Canadian document authentication and legalization specialist who is familiar with the process.

After a document is authenticated by Global Affairs Canada is anything else required?

If the foreign language document is to be used abroad, it typically needs to be legalized by a specific countries Embassy or Consulate.  Each diplomatic mission has its own unique requirements. A knowledgeable authentication and legalization company could offer guidance in terms of requirements, costing, timelines, etc.  One could also consult the specific diplomatic mission for general clarification.

How can Capital Authentication help me with the authentication and legalization of my documents?

As a well-respected company that specializes in the authentication and legalization of Canadian documents for use abroad, we are familiar with a myriad of scenarios.  We routinely assist clients that have either foreign language documents or joint language documents.

Our helpful staff will offer guidance on what is required in order to have your documents processed correctly the first time.  We offer different processing options depending upon your individual circumstances.  We employ a method that we refer to as “The Completion Time Method”.

In the event that you simply have questions, require a free no-obligation quote, or require assistance with locating a translation service or notary public you are welcome to reach out to our office either by e-mail at: or by telephone at: 1 (613) 236-9975.  Our friendly staff will quickly demonstrate that we will become your trusted partner in this process.


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