Authenticating and Legalizing Canadian Documents for Use in Ukraine

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization
Authenticating and Legalizing Canadian Documents

In order to use Canadian documents in a foreign country they must proceed through a process known as Document Authentication and Legalization.  The document authentication and legalization process is the Canadian equivalent of an Apostille.  This process is sometimes also referred to as Attestation.  Our office is extremely familiar with the requirements for authenticating and legalizing Canadian documents for use abroad.

Is the process for Authenticating and Legalizing Canadian Documents simple?

The Authentication and Legalization process is theoretically straightforward.  In simplistic terms, documents are submitted to the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada.  The documents are individually stamped.  Once stamped, the documents are then submitted for legalization with the Embassy of Ukraine.  The authenticating and legalizing process could not be any simpler, right? For the individual or company who is not completely familiar with the process it can caused a heightened sense of anxiety.  The anxiety is typically triggered when trying to properly source information pertaining to such things as document requirements, overall timelines and costing.  At Capital Authentication, we are familiar with the requirements of the authentication section of Global Affairs as well as their timelines.  We can review the documents and advise if they meet the current requirements for Global Affairs.  Correspondingly, we can also advise if the documents are suitable for legalization with the Embassy of Ukraine.

What is your unique selling feature for assisting people with Authenticating and Legalizing Canadian Documents?

At Capital Authentication, we take a very unique approach when assisting clients navigate the process.  Our office uses a process that we refer to as “The Completion Time Method”.  When suggesting fees, we advise our clients of the overall anticipated amount of time that we expect the processing to take.  In most cases, we are suggesting that our clients take our ten day processing.  We do not want the process to take any longer than absolutely necessary.  Work on your documents commences immediately while taking into consideration the inefficiencies with the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada coupled with the time required at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine.

Our office would welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique situation.  Feel free to reach out to us by filling out our contact form, or by telephone at 613-236-9975.  We would be happy to review your material and offer you expert guidance.