What is Document Authentication and Legalization

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
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What is document authentication and legalization

Document Authentication and Legalization is the Canadian equivalent to the “Apostille”.  In general terms, the overall process for document authentication and legalization is surprisingly quite simple.  However, there are a number of factors that can cause delays, frustration and an increase in overall expense when one attempts this process ones documents on their own.  It is strongly recommended that one consider hiring a third party service provider such as an “authentication and legalization service” or “process server” who is familiar with the process and is located in Ottawa, Ontario CANADA.

What is Document Authentication?

Canadian document authentication is a process that is done at Global Affairs Canada.  In simple terms, it is the affixing of a stamp on a document deeming it to be a legitimate Canadian document.   When the examiner at Global Affairs affixes their stamp it is simply verifying the signature on the document.  The examiner at Global Affairs Canada is not certifying the content of the document.  The bulk of documents that are being authenticated are processed at Global Affairs Canada.  On occasion, a diplomatic mission may require that the documents be processed at the Provincial level through the Ministry of Government Services in Toronto.

What is legalization?

After a document has been stamped by Global Affairs it is brought to a specific diplomatic mission’s Embassy or Consulate for a further stamp.  The Embassy or Consular official will affix their countries stamp to the document.  With the legalization stamp affixed to the document it is deemed to be a legitimate document for use in that country.

There are usually specific requirements for how, when and where documents can be submitted to a particular diplomatic mission.  It is recommended that one consider using a knowledgeable third party such as an authentication and legalization or process server who is familiar with the process as well as the specific requirements for the destination country.

How can Capital Authentication help me with document authentication and legalization?

The staff at Capital Authentication is very familiar with the requirements for document authentication and legalization and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique situation.  Feel free to reach out to our office in the method of your choosing by e-mail at: info@capitalauthentication.com, telephone at: 613-236-9975 or visit us on the web: www.capaitalauthentication.com