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21 Jan
authentication and legalization of Canadian commercial documents
Authentication and Legalization of Canadian Commercial Documents

As an exporter of Canadian goods to foreign countries one is typically required to complete the authentication and legalization of Canadian commercial documents.  This process requires that some of the commercial documents be stamped by Global Affairs Canada as well as the diplomatic mission for the country that the goods are destined.  This stamping process is...

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20 Jan
Global Affairs Canada Authentication of Documents

Global Affairs Canada authentication of documents is a service that is offered free of charge and one could process their documents on their own.  There are some limitations that must be considered when contemplating sending documents directly to Global Affairs Canada.  Realistically, one might wish to consider hiring a third party authentication legalization service or...

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15 Jan
Canadian Document Authentication and the Peoples Republic of China

Canadian document authentication and the Peoples Republic of China can be confusing, time consuming and just plain frustrating.  It is recommended that one considering hiring a knowledgeable third party service provider such as a local Ottawa authentication legalization service or process server to assist with the processing of the documentation. The Peoples Republic of China...

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14 Jan
Canadian Document Authentication Process
Who can authenticate documents in Canada

For anyone needing to use Canadian documents in a foreign country they may be required to have them processed through a system that is referred to as Authentication and Legalization.  It is also referred to as Apostille or Attestation.  We are often asked the question “who can authenticate documents in Canada” and are my documents...

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07 Jan
court documents for authentication and legalization
How to obtain court documents for Authentication and Legalization

Depending upon your circumstances, you might be required to have certain Canadian court documents used in a foreign country. In our experience, it is not uncommon for court documents to require authentication and legalization.  As a Canadian authentication legalization service our office can definitely assist. Can one obtain court documents directly from the courts? Some...

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14 Dec
Authentication and Legalization Service

Retaining an authentication and legalization service should be considered when Canadian documents need to be stamped for use abroad.  The benefits of retaining an experienced authentication and legalization service cannot be understated.  Avoid added stress, processing delays and added costs by utilizing a cost effective specialist in the field of Canadian document authentication and leglization....

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19 Sep
What is document authentication and legalization
What is Document Authentication and Legalization

Document Authentication and Legalization is the Canadian equivalent to the “Apostille”.  In general terms, the overall process for document authentication and legalization is surprisingly quite simple.  However, there are a number of factors that can cause delays, frustration and an increase in overall expense when one attempts this process ones documents on their own.  It...

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01 Sep
Document Authentication at Global Affairs Canada
Global Affairs Canada

With the most recent change in Federal government leadership there came with it some changes to Federal Government Departments.  Global Affairs Canada (GAC) has replaced what had been formerly known as Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development Canada.  This office still provides the same great service except now they have a new name that...

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31 Aug
Canadian Document Authentication
In-person authentication service at Global Affairs Canada

“In-person authentication service” is available for document authentication at Global Affairs Canada.  Third parties offer “in-person” authentication service.  The third parties are local Ottawa authentication and legalization services or process servers.  The third party attends “In-Person” at Global Affairs to authenticate your documents.  You are able to courier or mail your documents directly to Global...

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14 Oct
document authentication and legalization services
Document Authentication and Legalization Services

For those who are in need of having Canadian documents authenticated by Global Affairs Canada and legalized at a particular diplomatic mission you have come to the right place.  Capital Authentication offers document authentication and legalization services for your Canadian documents.  We offer cost effective solutions that are tailor made to your specific requirements. Do...

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09 Oct
power of attorney document and the UAE Embassy
Power of Attorney Documents and the UAE Embassy

Document Authentication and Legalization is required in the event that you need to use of a Power of Attorney document, for personal or business purposes, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  The authentication and legalization process if often referred to as Attestation or Apostille.  This process is straightforward but it can be confusing and time...

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21 Sep
Canadian Document Authentication Process
The Canadian Document Authentication Process

At Capital Authentication, we are a well versed, respected and knowledgeable third party service provider in the Canadian Document Authentication Process. What is the Canadian Document Authentication Process? As Canada was not a member of the 1961 Hague Convention abolishing the requirement for legalization of Foreign Public Documents we use a system of document authentication...

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