Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development

21 Sep
The Canadian Document Authentication Process

At Capital Authentication, we are a well versed, respected and knowledgeable service provider in the Canadian Document Authentication and Legalization space. As a respected service provider, we can assist you in saving you four to six weeks of processing time by sending us your documents and having us attend at Global Affairs Canada on your...

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12 Jul
Authentication of educational documents for use abroad

If you are looking at moving abroad for the purpose of furthering your educational studies, seeking employment or simply to live then you might be asked to have certain documents authenticated and legalized. In the world of document authentication and legalization there are some other terms that commonly come up such as Apostille or Attestation.  These terms...

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11 Jul
What is Document Authentication and Legalization

If an individual or company is intent on having Canadian documents recognized for use abroad they must go through a system that is referred to as Document Authentication and Legalization.  This can also be referred to as “Apostille”. Quite simply, this process requires document(s) to be stamped by Global Affairs Canada.  The stamp by Global Affairs means...

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10 Jul
Global Affairs Canada

With the most recent change in Federal government leadership there came with it some changes to Federal Government Departments. Global Affairs Canada (GAC) has replaced what had been formerly known as Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development Canada.  This office still provides the same great service except now they have a new name that...

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