Document Legalization Only

In order to legalize your documents, our office will attend on your behalf at the necessary Embassy/Consulate to have your documents processed. This service is for clients who only require document legalization.

As each country enforces their own unique provisions, please be sure to confirm the jurisdictional provisions by contacting the Embassy/Consulate prior to sending us your documents. These provisions establish which jurisdiction your documents are eligible to be processed in.


As each country charges different consular fees to legalize various types of documents, we strongly encourage clients to confirm any applicable consular fees with the Embassy/Consulate in question prior to sending us any documents.

Although we recommend to our clients to provide us with a money order payable to the Embassy/Consulate to cover any applicable consular fees, our office is able to advance the payment(s) on your behalf for an additional cost of $15.00 per money order, plus the actual disbursement amount.

Turnaround Times:

  • 3 DAY

This service is intended for clients who ABSOLUTELY require their document(s) to be immediately authenticated and legalized. We MUST receive the document(s) no later than noon on the day of authentication. Conditions may apply.

  • 5 DAY

This service is intended once again for clients who require their document(s) to be immediately authenticated and legalized; however they have a few more days of flexibility. This service tenders a slightly reduced rate for rush service. Conditions may apply.


We highly recommend this speed of service to our clients, since it is extremely cost-effective, and offers a discounted fixed rate for the first five (5) documents when legalized within the greater Ottawa area.


This is the most economical option we offer at Capital Authentication. This service is designed for clients who do not have any time constraints on the authentication and legalization of their documents. Although we guarantee a ten (10) day turnaround time, we are typically able to have your document(s) authenticated, legalized and returned to you in less than this prescribed time.

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