Global Affairs Canada Document Authentication

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
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Global Affairs Canada Document Authentication

For anyone travelling abroad for additional schooling, employment, travel, exporting goods there is a real possibility for needing Canadian documents authenticated by Global Affairs Canada.  The Global Affairs Canada Document Authentication section receives a massive amount of couriers and lettermail requesting this service each and every business day.  Because of this, there can be a delay in the processing of your paperwork.  Depending upon your timeline one might consider hiring a third party to assist in getting your Canadian documents more quickly.

What is Global Affairs Canada Document Authentication?

Document Authentication is sometimes referred to as Attestation, Legalization or Apostille.  This is the process where a stamp is affixed to a Canadian document deeming it to be a legitimate Canadian document for use in a foreign country.   Document Authentication is done at Global Affairs Canada.  In order for Canadian documents to be authenticated they must meet a set of criteria set out by Global Affairs Canada.  This is a free service offered by the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada.  There are some limitations to consider if you need to use this service.  Global Affairs Canada typically takes fifteen business days, and sometimes longer, to process your documents if they are received by courier or lettermail.   In many cases, individuals do not want to or simply cannot wait this length of time.  There is also a very limited ability to follow up on the status of your documents once received by Global Affairs Canada.  In order to reduce time, Global Affairs Canada recommends that one consider hiring a third party service provider such as an authentication and legalization service or process server to help speed up the processing of your documents.  These third parties, like Capital Authentication, attends in person and have your documents processed on the spot.

How can Capital Authentication assist me with Global Affairs Canada Document Authentication?

At Capital Authentication we attend at the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada practically each and every day for the purpose of having Canadian documents authenticated for use abroad.  Although one can manage this process on their own the main reasons why someone should consider an authentication legalization service such as Capital Authentication is to save time and money.   As noted above, if one mails or couriers documents directly to the authentication section of Global Affairs, also known as JLAC, it can take up to fifteen business days to have the documents processed.  This does not take into account the return transit time to get the documents back to you.  By using an authentication and legalization service such as our office we can have the documents processed in as little as one day.  We do however offer four different processing options which provides our clients with selecting a processing option that best suits their needs.  Another benefit of using Capital Authentication is a cost savings.  Our fees are extremely competitive in comparison to our competition that operates in the authentication legalization service space.  Our fee structure is tailored to the individual needs of our clients.   We listen to our client, determine what needs to be processed, confirm that the documents are in the correct format for authentication, suggest our fees based upon their specific timelines which typically means that they can save money in the process.  We also keep our clients updated on the status of the documents from the time they are received, while being processed and lastly alert them that the documents are en-route back to them.  Put us to work for you and you will quickly see that we will become Your Trusted Partner in this process.

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