RCMP Criminal Records Check and Korea

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization
RCMP Criminal Records Check

Authenticating and legalizing the Canadian RCMP Criminal Records Check document for use in the People’s Republic of Korea is relatively straightforward.  Although one can manage this process on their own, it is worthwhile to consider hiring a third party to assist in the process.   In order to save time and money, one might consider hiring a knowledgeable third-party service provider who specializes in this process of authentication and legalization of your Canadian RCMP Criminal Records Check documents for use in Korea.

What are Document Authentication and Legalization?

Document Authentication and Legalization is the Canadian equivalent to an Apostille.  The first step in the process is to have your documents stamped by the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada. The authentication stamp affixed to a document deems it to be a legitimate Canadian document.  The next step is to have the document legalized by the specific countries Embassy or Consular Office. Once the document has been legalized, it is deemed to be a legitimate document for use in that specific country.

How can I determine if my documents are suitable for authentication with Global Affairs?

As an expert in the authentication and legalization space, our office is very familiar with whether an original document or notarized copy must be made before it can be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada.  For a quick reference, some general information can be found on the Global Affairs Canada website.

Where can I find general information about the legalization requirements of the People’s Republic of Korea?

For general information about the Korean Embassy, please visit the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Korea.  Because of the processing requirements, people tend to rely on the services offered by authentication legalization services such as Capital Authentication. By using an authentication legalization service, one has the benefit of having a service provider that is very familiar with the authentication and legalization process and can assist with the preparation of the necessary paperwork while confirming that the documents are correct for processing.

How can Capital Authentication help me with the Authentication and Legalization of my documents?

Our helpful staff will confirm that your documents meet the authentication requirements of Global Affairs Canada.  We will also review your supporting documents to make sure that you have what is required in order to have the documents legalized by the People’s Republic of Korea.  Our office offers a number of different processing options.  We will suggest the one that best suits your requirements which takes into consideration your timelines coupled with how long it will take with Global Affairs Canada and the Embassy of Korea.

Feel free to reach out to our office either by e-mail at: info@capitalauthentication.com or telephone (613) 236-9975. One of our friendly staff will be able to offer any assistance that you might require.