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In Canada, the Apostille process is more commonly referred to as document authentication and legalization.   At Capital Authentication we specialize in this process and assist our individual and corporate clients with the processing of their documents that might originate from various parts of Ontario.  If you require your documents to authenticated and legalized reach out us and let us explain what we can do for you.  Simply put, we present the documents in person to Global Affairs Canada as well as the specific Embassy or Consular office.  By using our services, we can help you save you valuable time and money while being neither deceptive or misleading.

Apostille Process – what is this?

In Canada, because we did not sign the Apostille treaty under the Hague Convention, documents must proceed through a process known as authentication and legalization.  This two step process ensures that the document is an authenticate document for use in a foreign country.  The first step involves having Global Affairs Canada affix a stamp on the document which recognizes the signature as being valid.  The second step in the process involves having a specific diplomatic mission, via their Canadian Embassy or Consulate, affix a stamp confirming that the document is a valid document for use in that country.   The bulk of the authentication and legalization services are provided in Ottawa, Ontario CANADA.

Do you have an authentication and legalization office in North York, Ontario?

At Capital Authentication we have our head office in Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA.   Global Affairs Canada, which is the Federal Government office that houses the authentication section, is situated in Ottawa.  Also, the majority of the foreign Embassies are located in Ottawa.  As such, the overall majority of Canadian documents are authenticated and legalized, also known as the Apostille Process, are processed in Ottawa.   We do not feel it necessary to have a physical office in North York, Ontario as it would not be practical.  From a business perspective, we would feel it misleading to suggest that we have a physical office in North York.  While a competitor suggests that they have an office there, more precisely it is a virtual office, which is not staffed by an employee of that company.  The sole purpose of this location is a shipping portal to drop off or receive documents.  What is the honest purpose of having a glorified courier location? We feel that it is more convenient to courier the documents directly to us in Ottawa, via a recognized national courier such as Purolator, FedEx, UPS, DHL.  One could also use a Canada Post Expresspost envelope, via the post office or a postal outlet.  Each of these options has a traceable feature.  Given the sheer number of shipping locations offered by national couriers, why would one want to utilize a virtual office shipping centre as offered by a competitor?

What is your authentication and legalization service advantage?

At Capital Authentication we believe in being fully transparent and we have made every effort to clearly post our fees on our website.  We offer four different processing options depending upon the degree of urgency that a client may require their documents to be processed.  Even with this offering, we have developed a process that is referred to as the Completion Time method.  When determining fees, we like to take into consideration our clients timeline, the time needed to authenticate the documents at Global Affairs, the time that an Embassy will take to complete the legalization and lastly the return courier transit time.   All of this is factored into our fees and we suggest which of the four processing options are available.  To us, we feel that this is a more client centered approach while keeping costs to a minimum.  When doing some basic due diligence in relation to local competitors, one will quickly see that their fees can vary.  Quite frankly the competitor fees are simply too high.

Feel free to reach out to our office in the format of your choosing either by e-mail at: info@capitalauthentication.com or by telephone: 1-613-236-9975.  We would be pleased to discuss your unique situation while providing you with cost effective solutions.

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