Marriage Certificate Document Authentication Legalization

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization
marriage certificate document authentication legalization

If you are intent upon moving abroad to work or live, there are many instances where you might be required to have your marriage certificate document recognized.  The Canadian Apostille process would require that the document proceed through a system that is referred to as authentication and legalization.  The document is first be authenticated by the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada.  Once authenticated, the marriage certificate document legalized by the specific diplomatic mission.  There are specific rules that must be followed and they are defined by Global Affairs Canada as well as the particular Embassy or Consular Office.  At Capital Authentication, we are very familiar with the authentication and legalization process, often referred to as Apostille or Attestation.  We look forward to being of assistance.

How can Capital Authentication help me with my Marriage Certificate document?

You are invited to reach out to our office and identify what documents that you might have over and above a Marriage Certificate document.  You are also welcome to indicate the country where you are destined to travel.  At Capital Authentication we can assist with advising on what documentation is required, facilitate the authentication and legalization of your documents.  This is all done in a manner that reduces your stress while comfortably working within your timeline.

What do I do if I do not have my Marriage Certificate document?

Should you need to re-order your Marriage Certificate document, we have compiled the complete list of Provincial Vital Statistics offices.  Simply click on the relevant Province or Territory and you will be taken to the relevant page so that the order can be placed online.

When re-ordering your marriage certificate, there are many instances where you can arrange for the document to be mailed directly to our office.  Capital Authentication will happily act as the designated third party.   This would likely save some time and money by sending the documents directly to our office.

What is the Capital Authentication advantage as it relates to the authentication and legalization process?

At Capital Authentication we believe in being fully transparent and we have made every effort to clearly post our fees on our website.  We offer four different processing options depending upon the degree of urgency that a client may require their documents to be processed.  Even with this offering, we have developed a process that is referred to as the Completion Time method.  When determining fees, we like to take into consideration our clients timeline, the time needed to authenticate the documents at Global Affairs, the time that an Embassy will take to complete the legalization and lastly the return courier transit time.   All of this is factored into our fees and we suggest which of the four processing options are available.  To us, we feel that this is a more client centered approach while keeping costs to a minimum.  When doing some basic due diligence in relation to local competitors, one will quickly see that the fees can vary.  Quite frankly the competitor fees are simply too high.

Feel free to reach out to our office in the format of your choosing either by e-mail at: info@capitalauthentication.com or by telephone at: 1-613-236-9975.  Our staff would be more than happy to discuss your unique situation and offer cost effective solutions that best suit your individual needs.

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