Foreign Language Documents and Global Affairs Canada

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization
translation of foreign language documents

It is not uncommon for clients to send us documents that are not in English or French, in a foreign language for in a combination of English/French and a foreign language.  Any document that is not totally in English or French will require translation by a certified Canadian translator before they can be authenticated with Global Affairs Canada.

Does this mean that any foreign language documents that are not in either official language will be refused by Global Affairs Canada?

The simple answer to this question is “yes“.  Global Affairs Canada will not authenticate any documents that are not in either one of Canada’s official languages. In order to have a document that has been written in a foreign language authenticated by Global Affairs Canada it must first be translated into either official language being English or French.  Once translated, the foreign language documents require notarization before Global Affairs will affix their authentication stamp to the document.

Can foreign language documents be translated by just anyone?

For any foreign language documents that are to be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada, the document must be translated by a Certified Translator.  Global Affairs will no longer accept a translation of a document that has not been properly translated.

How can Capital Authentication help me?

Our office is familiar with the requirements for document authentication with Global Affairs Canada.  We are also very knowledgeable with the process of having foreign language documents translated and notarized in order to meet the requirements of Global Affairs Canada.

Contact our office today to see how we can assist you with your foreign language documents.  Feel free to reach out to us by telephone: 613-236-9975, send us an e-mail at: info@capitalauthentication.com or visit us on the web at: www.capitalauthentication.com

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