How to obtain court documents for Authentication and Legalization

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
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court documents for authentication and legalization

Depending upon your circumstances, you might be required to have certain Canadian court documents used in a foreign country. In our experience, it is not uncommon for court documents to require authentication and legalization, this process is sometimes referred to as the Canadian Apostille Process.  As a Canadian authentication legalization service our office can definitely assist.

Can one obtain court documents directly from the courts?

Some court documents might be able to be obtained by contacting the court directly. The majority of the court documents however must be obtained “in person”.  This is done through personal attendance or the use of an agent.  Attendance at the court is necessary given that there is normally a nominal fee payable to the court for obtaining the documents.  It is recommended that an agent be retained in the city where the court is located.  The agent can assist with obtaining the required court documents.

How to obtain court documents for authentication and legalization?

At Capital Authentication, we work closely with our associate office, MCA Process Service.  Our associate office has been operating in the legal industry for twenty four years.  MCA Process Service has developed an extensive network of agents across the country who can efficiently and cost effectively attend at virtually every court in Canada.  In most cases, we need only basic information as it pertains to the court file and from there we can provide a timeline, approximate cost etc.

Once obtained are the court documents suitable for authentication and legalization?

Depending upon the type of documents obtained from the court they might be suitable for authentication and legalization.  Some documents issued by the court are original documents, some are certified copies while others are simply photocopies.  Before a document can be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada it might require notarization.  Once authenticated the documents will have to be submitted to the specific diplomatic mission for legalization.  In simplistic terms, the authentication and legalization process is the affixing of stamps to the documents deeming them to be legitimate documents for use in a specific country.  This process is often referred to as Apostille, Apostille Certificate or Canadian Apostille Process.

What can Capital Authentication do for me as it relates to court documents for authentication and legalization? 

At Capital Authentication we are very familiar with attending at the various court across Canada.  Our staff is also well versed with the requirements of the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada and the legalization process at the various diplomatic missions.  Because of this, our helpful staff can guide you through the entire process.  Given our years of experience, and our contacts within the legal industry, we are capable of obtaining court documents from each and every court across Canada. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique requirements and we are confident that a cost effective and efficient solution can be provided.

Should you have any questions about obtaining Canadian court documents or the authentication and legalization process you are encouraged to reach out to our office in the format of your choosing. We are reachable at either by e-mail at: info@capitalauthentication.com or by telephone at: (613) 236-9975.  Feel free to explore our website at: www.capitalauthentication.com

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