Canadian Criminal Records Check

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
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Canadian Criminal Records Check

Going abroad for the purpose of work, study or residence may require certain Canadian documents be authenticated and legalized.  This process can often be referred to as Apostille or Attestation.  One might be asked for a Canadian Criminal Records Check, a Police Clearance Letter or a Certified Criminal Records Check.  Each of these three documents are slightly different and may require slightly different processing.

What is a Canadian Police Clearance Letter or Canadian Criminal Records Check?

A police clearance letter or criminal records check can be obtained from any police detachment across Canada.  Essentially, a document is produced after an individual’s name and date of birth is searched against the national database.

What is a Certified Canadian Criminal Records Check?

A certified criminal records check requires that an individual attend either a police station or an authorized fingerprint service for the purpose of having their fingerprints taken.

Is Notarization required for Canadian Criminal Records Check?

The only Canadian Criminal Records Check that does not require notarization is one that is issued by the RCMP Headquarters in Ottawa.  For more information about RCMP Certified Criminal Records checks please refer to the RCMP website.  Any other Criminal Records Check or Police Clearance letter notarization will be required before it can be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada and then legalized by a particular diplomatic mission.

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