Canadian Apostille for United States Property Documents

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization
United States Property Documents

Our office has routinely been asked to assist with obtaining an Apostille for Canadians who have United States Property Documents.

For Canadians who are seeking to purchase or sell property that is located in the United States, there is a requirement for certain documents to be processed.  We are commonly asked to assist in obtaining an Apostille for the United States Property Documents.  In Canada, we do not have an Apostille.  We utilize a system that is referred to as document authentication and legalization.   The authentication component is completed at Global Affairs Canada.  Effectively, it is the affixing of a stamp on the document which deems it to be a legitimate Canadian document.  The legalization component is completed at the United States Embassy.  Again, this is the affixing of a cover page and signature deeming the document legitimate for use in the United States.   The process is pretty straight forward but it can be time-consuming.  It is recommended that you reach out to an expert in this field who can get the documents processed quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

What is the advantage of using the authentication and legalization services offered by Capital Authentication?

Our office believes in being fully transparent and we have made every effort to clearly post our fees on our website.  We offer four different processing options depending upon how quickly a client requires their documents to be processed.  We also employ a method that we refer to as the Completion Time Method. Simply put, when suggesting fees, we factor in the total time that it is expected to take to have your documents authenticated by Global Affairs Canada and legalized by a particular Embassy.  We feel that this client-centred approach is the best at keeping costs to a minimum.

At Capital Authentication, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique situation.  We would be happy to fully explain the authentication and legalization process.  For more information, reach out to us by e-mail at: info@capitalauthentication.com we can also be found at capitalauthentication.com



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