Authentication of educational documents for use abroad

Posted by: Michael Atkinson
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authentication of educational documents

If you are looking at moving abroad for the purpose of furthering your educational studies, seeking employment or simply to live then you might be asked to produce proof that one has been awarded certain educational credential with the Authentication of Educational documents. In order use the educational documents abroad they will need to be legalized by the Counties Embassy or Consular office.

What is involved if I require the Authentication of Educational Documents?

In the world of document authentication and legalization there are some other terms that commonly come up such as Apostille or Attestation.  These terms are interchangeable but mean the same thing. In very simplistic terms, authentication of educational documents means the affixing of a stamp by the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada (GAC).  The authentication stamp confirms that a particular educational document is deemed to be a legitimate Canadian document.  The second step is legalization at an Embassy or Consular Office.  Again, this is the affixing of another stamp which recognizes the Global Affairs Stamp and confirms that the Canadian document is legitimate for use in a particular country.

How can Capital Authentication help me with the Authentication of Educational Documents?

At Capital Authentication, we attend at Global Affairs Canada practically every day for the purpose of document authentication of Canadian Documents.  Our office regularly arranges for University Degrees, College Diplomas, Transcripts, Educational Certificates, Professional Designation Documents, High School Diplomas to be authenticated and legalized.  It must be noted that both Global Affairs Canada and the particular diplomatic mission have very specific requirements when authenticating and legalizing educational documents.  If you have questions about the authentication process one should consult the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada as it relates to your specific documents.  You are also encouraged to contact our office in order to discuss your requirements.

Although Global Affairs Canada will authenticate the original and/or notarized copy of a university degree or college diploma some diplomatic missions will ONLY accept an original degree or diploma.  Some diplomatic missions, such as the Embassy of Austria, will not accept notarized educational documents for legalization.  It is very important that the specific diplomatic mission be consulted in order to determine their specific requirements.

If you have any questions about Canadian document authentication and legalization you are encouraged to reach out to our office either by e-mail at: info@capitalauthentication.com or by telephone: 1 (613) 236-9975.  Our staff will happily discuss your particular needs as it relates to the authentication and legalization process.  For more useful information consult our website at: www.capitalauthentication.com

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