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Posted by: Michael Atkinson
Category: Document Authentication and Legalization
authentication legalization services for italy

When travelling abroad one might be required to have some of their Canadian documents authenticated and legalized in order to be used in a foreign country.  An  example of some of the personal documents that might need to be authenticated and legalized could be a birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate.  The authentication and legalization process is sometimes referred such terms as the Canadian Apostille, Apostille, Legalization.  All of these terms generally mean basically the same thing.    Authentication legalization services for Italy is generally straightforward but it can be confusing for the average person who is not accustomed to the processing of Canadian documents for use abroad.    To avoid wasting time and money one should consider hiring a reputable third party.  Even Global Affairs Canada suggests that one might consider hiring an authentication legalization service or process server to assist with the processing of your documents.

What is one important thing to consider for Authentication Legalization Services for Italy?

The diplomatic mission of Italy strictly enforces jurisdiction.  In other words, one might have access to the Italian Embassy in Ottawa while others might only have access to one of the Italian Consulates located in various cities across Canada.  Depending upon where the Canadian document has been issued will dictate whether it can be directed to the Embassy of Italy in Ottawa or one of the various Italian Consulates across Canada.  Rather than waste time and money one should consider hiring an authentication legalization service to assist with the authentication and legalization of your Canadian documents.

How can Capital Authentication assist me with the Authentication Legalization Services for Italy?

Our staff is very knowledgeable with various Canadian authentication legalization services.  We have been operating in this space for over twenty years.   We have an excellent working relationship with the examiners at Global Affairs Canada as well as the staff at the various Embassies and Consular Offices.  We are familiar with the requirements for the Italian diplomatic mission.  Let us review your documents and discuss your timelines.  We can create a processing package that is both efficient and economical.

Contact our office to see how we can save you time and money while reducing your overall stress.  At Capital Authentication we have implemented a number of different processing options which are tailored to the individual needs of our clients.   Feel free to contact us for a free no obligation quote.  We can be reached by e-mail at: or telephone at: 613-236-9975.  For helpful information visit us on the web at: